Clean Interface

Nothing should stand in the way between you and your goal. This is why the interface is desinged to be 100% distraction free.

Ease Of Use

To start the focus timer you just have to tap one button, the app will then remind you, when to zoom out and when to zoom in again.

Proven Concept

The focus cycles are based on the Pomodoro method, which is used by millions of people helping them getting things done.



Zoom In notifies you when a cycle has been completed and gives you the chance to pause or skip to the next cycle.


All currently available complication types are supported, so no need to open the app if you want to know your current state.

Siri Watchface

Zoom In reminds you to stay focused on workdays in the morning and afternoon. Start your next cycle directly from the Siri watchface.


Zoom In supports all currently available complication types, so you can choose your favorite watchface to stay focused. It especially shines on multicolor watchfaces. Watch yourself :)


If you have any issues using Zoom In please check this section for help.

Please check if notifications and background app refresh are enabled for Zoom In. Open the "Watch" app on your iPhone and check that "Background App Refresh" and "Notifications" are activated for Zoom In. After changing one of the mentioned settings open Zoom In on your watch to reset notification and background refresh scheduling.

All watch apps and complications are heavily restricted by the system. For Zoom In to get enough run time it is required to add a Zoom In complication to your current watchface, keep the app in the Dock and allow notifications. This is also the recommended way to use Zoom In for optimized productivity.

No. The focus cycles are based on the famous Pomodoro method and fixed in their duration to keep the user experience as smooth as possible.

A complication can only set its color, if the watchface supports it. On some watchfaces this is only possible if the accent color is set to "Multicolor". See the complication section for inspiration.

Download Zoom In

Now you know everything there is to know and it is time to give it a try!



Feel free to send me a message if you have an issue using the app. Other feedback is also welcome, use the contact form below.